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BolCan Direct Donation to Iglesia Wesleyana Mision Urubo

With great enthusiasm the Iglesia Cristiana Wesleyana Mision Urubo, received their donation from BolCan Direct on behalf of the members, friends and family. Ironically with perfect timing, the Iglesia Cristiana Wesleyana Mision Urubo decided to celebrate and share the donation on August 6, the date of Bolivia’s Independence (08/06/1825). The Iglesia Cristiana decided to share the donation with the children with a well-organized meal and gifts.


The Iglesia Cristiana Wesleyana Mision Urubo was founded on September 25, 2011 in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. It only had 5 members; Pastor Arnoldo Becerra Mendez worked hard with other members of the church to build it from ground up. Currently there are 140 church members in which 35 are children. Their mission is to continue to grow as a Church that has helped many members to hear the word of God, take shelter and hold food banks for family in needs and always donate to unfortunate families around their community in the community of Urubo, Santa Cruz, Bolivia. 

What’s on for entertainment at the Fundraising event?

On Saturday July 15th the doors open at 4:30 PM E.S.T and we have set up a couple of tournaments for our guest to have the chance to win the final prize and still contribute towards the two different charities. 

†5:00 pm to 10:15 pm Poker                       †5:00 pm to 10:00 pm Dominoe


†5:30 pm to 6:30 pm NHL                           †6:50 pm to 8:30 pm FIFA
BolCan Direct First Fundraiser-Summer Event

BolCan Direct Inc. presents for Members and Friends Only:

1ST Summer Gala a Fundraiser Event for two different charities

The Gala charity is a private event by RSVP only to our members, friends and supporters that have positively impacted our family business in some form and I’d like to ask their help once more by positively impacting someone less fortunate than you and I. We have two charities that BolCan Direct Inc. has chosen with their blessings the 1st charity:


Iglesia Cristiana Wesleyana Misión Urubo is located in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. They continue to progress with the support of their church congress and outside supporters. Their mission is to continue to provide the message of God, shelter, dinner events to less fortunate families especially the future which are the Children.

Next BLOG would be about our second charity of choice which is right in our community in Etobicoke, Ontario.



Permítanme Aclarar: Segunda Parte de 22

Good evening, and welcome back to our program.

Now if you have been following along you may recall that I vaguely refer to other members of the organization ( ) who were all requiring a paverbial make over. Allow me to clarify: in total there are 18 seats filled under permanent residency at the BolCan Direct Inc. Board Room table but there are only four currently activated ( the Chief of the Board of Directors (1st Chair), CEO and Founder (2nd Chair), CTO and Partner (3rd Chair) and CMO and Partner (4th Chair) ); these reflections are from three of those four Chairmen.

As you are aware, 2016 was a continuous struggle as the year had been littered with what we like to say; learning and growth opportunities. Whether it was incorrect or incomplete shipments, technical system limitations leading to various cyber clitches or network blackouts, BolCan Direct Inc. has been able to supersede these barriers with tremendous sophistication.

I only recount these lower of times for the good reason as to set the stage of how truly difficult it is to open a family business in a universe governed by giant box websites and remain focused and just as determined to succeed as on day one.  

Part of our evolution required various simple but very critical notions. One perception I will share is one that I have mentioned more than once before: Ensure the community is benefiting from your actions. Become a useful member of society in clear sense. This commandment has paved a new era in societal interaction. Acknowledging how humorous this may sound, allow me to clarify.  BolCan Direct Inc. has invented the first cyber society: the BolCan Society.  

The year 2017 will yeild an ambudant of new bonuses for all our members, through subscription bonuses, and local communities through brand new BolCan Society developmental and charitable programs.

I am stricken with a sort of hysteria as we gain footing on all the new updates, changes and community activities occuring these upcoming months. I would ask you to stay tuned for more details but I run the risk of sounding like a television commercial.


Thank you again for stopping by and  I look forward to our next interaction.




The Millennial King