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Principium - Nuestro Primer Pasos:  Primer parte de 22

Hello again and welcome back!


As we have previously alluded to in our company bio, BolCan Medical brought hope and happiness to so many communities and individuals, ergo, BolCan Direct would have to do the exact same if not more. Our Senior Leadership team have been actively engaging local organizations this past year to generate interest in participating in community growth activities for 2017.  We not only strive to host unique and memorable events, a primary goal of course is to ensure that each occasion will positively influence and impact the communities we interact with.  In the upcoming weeks, the BolCan Society Annual Calendar will be published that will have a list of save the dates that will assist you and your friends to plan ahead.  Succes for BolCan Direct would be to become a globall beacon of hope.  


Forgive me if I lose you but I'd like to remind you, much of the required company archeology can be found within our BolCan Society section ( ) of our webpage; for the sake of forward moving momentum I’d like to attempt to not to duplicate the tales of our inauguration.  




The Millennial King

Honora parentes tuos - Understanding why

Since we can remember my siblings and I vividly recall all of the life lessons from both our parents but it was our father who cultivated our passion for entrepreneurship. Since the earlier years of both of their youth, our parents were not born in to the lap of luxury which meant that having a lousy work ethnic, or depending on public assistance or the simple idea of taking a vacation were only notions that would lead to a short and impoverished life; it was only natural that we would all pick up on their strong work ethic. What made my fathers daily lectures unique (and bearable) as small children was that he attempted to ensure that each of his tutorials functioned with the purpose of helping improve the surrounding community.


Keeping all of this top of mind, we quickly realized that there would have to be serious self reflection for each one of us before, during and after launching BolCan Direct in to the universe to ensure we honored his legacy. This is where we arrive to the present. Aside from building a state of the art infrastructure behind the vial of our online bazaar, we have and continue to undergo a vocational metamorphosis.


When I return, I will provide you with the schematic of our of transformation. As always, I appreciate your time with us today.




The Millennial King.