BolCan Direct Donation to Iglesia Wesleyana Mision Urubo

With great enthusiasm the Iglesia Cristiana Wesleyana Mision Urubo, received their donation from BolCan Direct on behalf of the members, friends and family. Ironically with perfect timing, the Iglesia Cristiana Wesleyana Mision Urubo decided to celebrate and share the donation on August 6, the date of Bolivia’s Independence (08/06/1825). The Iglesia Cristiana decided to share the donation with the children with a well-organized meal and gifts.


The Iglesia Cristiana Wesleyana Mision Urubo was founded on September 25, 2011 in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. It only had 5 members; Pastor Arnoldo Becerra Mendez worked hard with other members of the church to build it from ground up. Currently there are 140 church members in which 35 are children. Their mission is to continue to grow as a Church that has helped many members to hear the word of God, take shelter and hold food banks for family in needs and always donate to unfortunate families around their community in the community of Urubo, Santa Cruz, Bolivia. 

The first of two donation submitted

On Monday July 24, 2017 BolCan Direct donated on behalf of our members, friends and family to LAMP Community Health Centre for the Early Years Centre family program.  With the support of some of our members, friends and family the first fundraising event held by BolCan Direct has allowed us to distribute the donations to two well deserved community and shelter centers. 


LAMP's representative & coordinator, provided us with some information bulletins of the different programs offered by LAMP Community Health Centre and how it has helped and the positive impact for people in need; 

What is LAMP C.H.C?
LAMP C.H.C. is a Community Health Centre in South Etobicoke, Toronto West. A Community Health Centre is a charitable, non-profit community based organization that provides a variety of integrated programs and services to meet the health needs of the community.

How Do We Keep People Healthy?
LAMP C.H.C. uses a multi-disciplinary approach to health and well-being. A range of services are offered through an integrated approach to wellness which links clients to the programs they need to maintain good health. This could include counseling, access to food; help with housing issues, joining a social group, literacy or information on income support. 

Why go to LAMP C.H.C?
To get help
To find answers
To connect with the community
To volunteer
To share your talents
To take action on community issues

Photos of the BolCan Fundraisser Event

Thank you to all our friends, members and family that supported the Fundraising event on Saturday July 15, 2017. We missed the presence of some of our guest, but they still donated for our cause to be promoted as a family business and pay it forward by donating to two different charities in Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada and Santa Cruz, Bolivia, we are blessed. We will blog the final update with images when the donations reaches their destinations.







Night of the Fundraising Event Part 1

We at BolCan Direct would like to thank all the members, friends and family that contributed to BolCan Direct Fundraising Event. We missed the presence from some of our members and friends, but they still contributed towards our cause to raise money for the two different charities. We would like to share the photos that were taken at the event of our guest that arrived and participated with the event programs, and with the winners of the 5 different raffle baskets.

Michael Thomas and his wife were winners of the “Flix and chips” & “Ferris and Char Char” Baskets


Trevor was the lucky winner of the “LCBO” and “Bacardi” Baskets

Jumal S. was the final winner of the ”Blue Jays Tickets Prize pack” Basket

We thank you all for making it a fun night. More blogs will be added for the nights event and when the donations will be given to “Iglesia Cristiana Wesleyana MIsion Urubo” and “LAMP Community Health Centre”


Ferris and Char Char Cosmetics

Wow 15 hours left before the Fundraising event and our friend and owner of “Ferris and Char Char Cosmetics” Amber Fawcett, from London, Ontario has join our cause, we have a 5th Basket; we want to thank Einar & Aldona Panduro and Amber Fawcett for your contribution. When you visit Ferris and Char Char Cosmetics website, you will not only be able to purchase quality cosmetics products, but also be part of another great cause, their partner’s shelters and rescues across Canada and the US receive 10% of all Sales.    


BolCan Direct is a young family business, but with the support and networking of family, friends and members we will be part of a strong community, our family business is here to be part of your local growth.  More blogs to come...

Our 3rd Basket for the raffle

Here we go again Bolcan business partners are ready to give away a 3rd basket-LCBO Basket, in this basket it includes a 3 cook books, 2 wine glasses, $50 gift card, bottle of wine...Boom, all worth purchasing the raffle tickets to increase the chances to win.

I counted the Movie tickets basket, Bacardi Blue Jays Fan Basket, The Blue Jays Basket & the LCBO Basket, that is 4 baskets, do we have a 5th basket............

More Baskets for our Raffles-The Bacardi Jays Fan Basket

On behalf of Bolcan business partners, this is our 2nd basket-The Bacardi Jays Fan Basket, in this basket it includes a Mini Johnnie Walker bottle, Two different munchies, a mineral bottle all the way from Georgia and a Monster high energy drink to dehydrate after you finished drinking the Bacardi bottle (please drink responsibly), all worth purchasing the raffle tickets to increase the chances to win.



Two more baskets will be added to our blogs in our website and Facebook to update the fundraiser event details for all our guests.

What’s on for entertainment at the Fundraising event?

On Saturday July 15th the doors open at 4:30 PM E.S.T and we have set up a couple of tournaments for our guest to have the chance to win the final prize and still contribute towards the two different charities. 

†5:00 pm to 10:15 pm Poker                       †5:00 pm to 10:00 pm Dominoe


†5:30 pm to 6:30 pm NHL                           †6:50 pm to 8:30 pm FIFA
BolCan Fundraiser Event

At Bolcan’s Fundraising event there will be prizes drawn for baskets that have been donated by some of our members and friends. This is another reason why our guest will enjoy the event for not only supporting and participating, but also benefiting from some of the creative basket prizes and winning from the tournaments been held.

On behalf of Bolcan business partners, our door prize is a Movie basket that offers tickets to the movie theaters, NetFly Certificate to download on your mobile phone, and a restaurant certificate all worth purchasing the raffle tickets to increase the chances to win.

Our informative blogs will continue until the day of the event to keep the countdown exciting........

Our first Donation from a Friend and Member

Any event planned cannot be successful without the support of family and Friends, we all pay it forward whenever we find it in ourselves to give without expecting anything in return.

Anthony Di Meo is not only a friend, but has always had the goodwill without any effort to support, assist and help his family and friends.

BolCan Direct, members, family & would to Thank you Anthony for your donation for BolCan Direct’s First Fundraiser Event. Your Donation of two Toronto Blue Jays Tickets will be raffled on the evening of the event on Saturday July 15, 2017.


The Game is at the Rogers Centre on Wednesday July 26, 2017 at 19:07 PM EST

SECTION 113 BR ROW 10 SEAT 7 & 8

Our members, family and friends will look forward to an enjoyable evening to privately participate for a good cause. More blogs to come…..