The BolCan Society

Our Vision

BolCan Direct Inc. core vision is to become a respectable members only organization that stands for Quality, Uniqueness, Innovation, Human Centric and Community Partnership.

Operational Vision Statement

BolCan Direct Inc. will continuously strive to build strong business partnerships with our international and local suppliers, within the fashionable apparel and accessory industry, to help support our goal of providing our Canadian community access to high-quality, unique and affordable merchandise and products.

Our Archeology

BolCan Direct Inc. was founded by a local Ontario family, that has a rich and proud their culture history, but before we continue with our story we must start before the inception of the entire notion of this organization had ever existed. 

In 2011, Gustavo Panduro Sr., founded a non for profit organization named “Friends of Bolivia” that collected and donated a variety of medical supplies and equipment to in-need organizations such as orphanages and retirement homes throughout various developing countries such as Bolivia. Acknowledging the scarcity of reliable medical suppliers Gustavo Sr., and his son in law decided to become business partners and founded BolCan Medical. With the support and experience of a relative who is Cardiovascular Specialist Doctor they began to supply refurbished medical equipment at reduced costs and this time strictly focusing on Bolivia.


Sadly due to health reasons, Mr. Panduro passed away in September 2014, leaving a large void in the business, community and with his family and friends.

Sharing the same passion for entrepreneurship as his father, his eldest son Gustavo Panduro Jr. decided to leave his professional career in 2015 to stabilize BolCan Medical. After a thorough review of the business it had become clear that the state of the market had become too volatile due to many new foriegn entrants making it very difficult to rebound from the previous involuntary business hiatus. As of February 2016, Gustavo Jr. made the difficult decision to restructure, reposition and rebrand the family business in order to continue the original vision of BolCan Medical.

As of April 2017, Gustavo Jr. Panduro, Ian Morrison and Einar Panduro reinvented the business to transform into a Members Only Club.  With the support of friends and family members with various professional backgrounds in IT Software/Web/Server Development, Web Hosting, Marketing, Project Management and Business Administration BolCan Direct Inc. was constructed.